Friday, January 7, 2011

A Big Fence on the Streetscape for Winter Time

A year has passed since a group of concerned residents met in the cold, drafty Office of the past Councillor for Ward 13, Bill Saundercook, in a fruitless effort to persuade he and owner, Mr. Lorne Bozinoff that the plans to demolish 66 Baby Point Road and erect a Mega Mansion on the property would have untold negative impacts on the architectural integrity of this heritage area.

The Bozinoff's obtained their site plan approval by City Council on April 1st, 2010 and subsequently obtained their demolition and building permit. At no time did they offer up any amended plans of their project for review, or attempt to meet in a meaningful way, the legitimate concerns of the Baby Point residents or their future neighbours.

In the early hours of the morning of November 30th. and under the cover of darkness, arrived the machines of residential destruction. It has not escaped notice that this took place on the last day in office of Councillor Saundercook who was defeated in his re-election bid by Sarah Doucette.

Several reliable sources have reported that central to the defeat of the incumbent was the "Heritage Issue"

The streescape will be permanently altered by this ill advised undertaking and "The Circle" ,presently stands defaced and scarred. From hole to hoarding. This is the seasonal blight facing the area residents as they, or their friends, pass through the Baby Point Circle on their way to home or recent holiday hospitality.

The only thing missing from the Bozinoff barrier is a message of Good Cheer.... but never fear the graffiti will soon appear and the blight on the neighbourhood will continue to expand.