A Letter to Baby Point Neighbours - April 1, 2010

April 1st, 2010-04-02
To the Residents of Baby Point,
The 66 Baby Point project was approved at City Council on March 31.   This enables Mr. Bozinoff to acquire a building permit and commence with the demolition of 66 Baby Point, and an erection of a 6,500 sq. foot home.  Many of you have asked in your emails and questions "What exactly happened and how do we stop this in the future?".  This letter attempts to answer these questions for residents via the facts below.  
For generations, the
Baby Point Circle
has stood as a testament to fine urban planning and a magnificent vision of homes in synchronicity.  As one long standing resident Robert Galway has pointed out, the streetscape, the aperture between homes and the relative scale of the grand homes of the Circle remain one of the finest examples of urban planning in Canada.   
The foundation to guard such a great vision comes down to a series of 7 foundational elements, all unspoken and guarded by the integrity of three players.  The first player, the residents, must cherish the vision and protect it. Next, new residents must be attracted to it and feel an obligation to do their part to preserve it.  The final player, municipal representatives of those citizens, have a covenant to protect the long-standing vision.  In the case of 66 Baby Point, residents did their part. 
In the end, 85 homes stepped forward to commit their support for Baby Point and opposed this development project, with the number growing every week via emails and phone calls.  
To answer these questions of "what happened and how do we stop it in the future?" it is instructive to review the 7 foundational elements that were played out by the 3 players mentioned above.  These 7 elements backed up with extensive copies of phone records to city and Councillor offices, presentations, and letters and petitions from Baby Point residents.   

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