Petition to Councillor Saundercook-05/03/2010

To: The Residents of the Baby Point Enclave

March 5, 2010

Re: Meeting before Etobicoke City Council, 10:00am - March 9, 2010

We represent several neighbours in the Baby Point neighbourhood adjacent to the target property at 66 Baby Point Rd.

There is a proposal pending before Etobicoke City Council to obtain a demolition permit and a building permit to erect a new home on this property.

Each of us values the existing streetscape and characteristics of the area. We are extremely concerned with the proposed demolition of historic 66 Baby Point Rd and the erection of a 7000 sq. foot home in its place. We would like to share these concerns with you and acquaint you of this pending application in case you may not be aware of the adverse impact this project will have on the neighbourhood.

The main concerns are highlighted below. You may have your own additional concerns.

 Incongruence with Streetscape: We are concerned that the proposed building is not consistent with the existing streetscape and characteristics of the area that we all value. The 7000 sq. foot house is 3 times the average of the houses near it. It overwhelms other the adjacent more modest homes which comprise the prevailing building type in our neighbourhood.

 Ravine Violation: Further, the site is constrained by the ravine to the rear and a number of prominent and significant trees. Due to its overwhelming size, the rear yard landscaping of Spa, Pool, Cabana and extensive cement work contravenes the 10 meter City of Toronto ravine by-law. The rear yard could be landscaped without the contravening the by law if the applicant chose to build a more modest house, in keeping with the other homes in the neighbourhood.

 Lack of Consultation: Moreover, we believe the applicant (who does not live in this Ward and is presently renting the property) has done a poor job of consulting with area residents. For over a year, he has resubmitted the same 7000 sq ft plan with no alterations nor any community input.

 Need for Action by Bill Saundercook: Councillor Bill Saundercook needs to vote against this proposal on March 9, 2010 as the applicant was asked by Bill to engage the community, and has not done so for over a year.

In summary, that there is no effort to design a house that fits with the neighbourhood history, character and streetscape. The demolition and erection of an overly large structure will change the character of the historic circle. We strongly oppose the proposed development and ask that the Committee refuse the application.


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Councillor Bill Saundercook Phone 416 392–4072, Fax 416 696-3677, email:

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